Got To Be In It To Win It


Being new to the blogging world, I didn’t realize that there was such a thing as ‘Top VMware & Virtualization Blogs’ until I saw a raft of tweets about registering for it towards the end of 2012.

I for one, enjoy healthy competition and decided to get involved by registering  I would like to thank Eric Sierbert for putting together the poll together as it must take a lot of personal time to put the structure together and collate all the data.

So why did I decide to blog? Well, for two reasons, the first being I love using VMware product range and I’m constantly ‘banging’ on about it on a daily basis with colleagues and clients.  The second and perhaps the most important to me, is documenting issues I face and also to help as a study aid.

I was surprised to see a few folks getting upset on Twitter about the reason why people blog.  For me, if someone takes the time out of there day to put something down on the big ‘www’ which can help me achieve a task, understand a product or troubleshoot an issue that’s got to be  a good thing, regardless of there motivation.

So if you have a spare five minutes head over to to cast your vote.

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