Azure App Service Migration Assistant Tool

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App ServiceOne of my colleagues brought the Azure App Service Migration Assistant Tool to my attention recently.

App Services are used to provide PaaS type offerings with Microsoft controlling items such as deployment slots, load balancing, backups and operating system patches, with the consumer focusing on the IIS instance.

App Services are quite appealing to customers as it allows them to pass over the infrastructure elements to Microsoft enabling them to deal with managing and maintaining their websites.

So the question is, how do I know if my website is ready to become a Microsoft Azure App Service?  This is where the Azure App Service Migration Assistant Tool comes into play.  It scans the IIS server and determines readiness for migration to Microsoft Azure including:

  • Websites running on the IIS server.
  • Applications and virtual directories configured under each site.
  • Application pools used by the sites and applications and their settings.
  • HTTP and HTTPS bindings used by the sites.
  • Databases defined in web.config using connectionString attribute.

vSphere 5.0 & 5.1 – Licenses After End of Support?

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vSphere 5.0 5.1It’s well documented on the VMware Product Lifecycle Matrix that on 24th August 2016 vSphere 5.0 and 5.1 general support will end, moving into technical guidance.

Way back on 21st May 2014 VMware moved vSphere 4.x into ‘end of general support’.  Then a few months later on 15th August 2014, VMware removed the ability to download, downgrade or generate new license keys for vSphere 4.x see VMware KB2039567.  This essentially meant that you couldn’t expand your unsupported hypervisor environment.

So the question is how long until VMware remove the ability to download or generate vSphere 5.0 and 5.1 licenses?

HPE Discover – Thoughts

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hpe_pri_grn_pos_rgbIt’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting in London Heathrow Terminal 3, on my way to HPE Discover.  If you follow my blog, you will have noticed that my focus has been on Microsoft Azure, with this in mind, it I wasn’t entirely sure if HPE would see the value in bringing me to HPE Discover this year.  However the legend that is @CalvinZito believes I can bring something to the table

It seems strange if not alien for me to be thinking about hardware, I have been decoupled from the murky depths of DAC cables, storage performance/capacity, servers and networking items such as virtual connect for over twelve months.  Yes you still have architectural considerations in Microsoft Azure, however these are higher up the stack and are geared towards limits and quotas rather than hardware boundaries.

Meg Whitman has proved that she has the vision and belief to shape and change HPE.  With the split into Enterprise and Ink in 2015 and the recent announcement that HP Enterprise Services will be acquired by CSC (Computer Sciences Corp).  This leaves HPE as a global hardware and software manufacturer.  I’m interested to know how HPE is adapting to the future of ‘hybrid cloud’ and how they are going to show value in a ‘commodity hardware’ market.

When you have a company that turns over $53 Billion dollars and has 252,000 employees, it’s a gigantic task to point the ship in a new direction.

Let’s see what HPE announce at Discover and what their thoughts are in an ever changing market place.

Presenting at Technology User Group – London on 5th May

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LogoThis is going to be my first time attending the Technology User Group event in London on 5th May at Grange St Paul´s Hotel, 10 Godliman Street, EC4V 5AJ.

For those of you who don’t know, TechUG is a independent community of IT Professionals spread around 8 cities in the UK & Ireland. Focused on technology areas such as Virtualisation, Cloud, Storage, Data Centre, Open Source and DevOps, communities are run locally by a group of volunteer committee members and supported by a central team. TechUG runs free community events twice yearly in each city and also collaborate with other user groups.

For the London gathering on 5th May, the event team, have lined up a great group of presenters, including Chris Kranz, who will bring his insights on AWS and it’s use cases apart from IaaS. Also Peter von Oven, author of Mastering VMware Horizon 6 who will be sheep dipping us in the key areas of a desktop transformation project.

I’m also lucky enough to be presenting and if you are their from the kick off, you can hear my dulcet tones covering the topic ‘What’s Azure Site Recovery All About?’ which will provide a look at Microsoft’s DR platform.  In this session I will cover the challenges around traditional disaster recovery and Microsoft’s answer to these challenges.

If you haven’t already I suggest you register to attend over here.