3PAR StoreServ 7000 Software – Part 6

So you have got an awesome new 3PAR StoreServ 7400 and its all hooked up.  How do you get the data from your old array onto the 3PAR StoreServ? Well if you have vSphere no problem you could use Storage vMotion or if you are performing a data migration good old robocopy would do the trick.

However in some situations you don’t have the luxury of either of these, you just need to get the data from your old SAN to your new SAN.  This is where Peer Motion comes in strutting it’s stuff.

Peer Motion

Peer Motion allows non disruptive data migration from either 3PAR to 3PAR or selected EVA to 3PAR.  Essentially the destination SAN (3PAR StoreServ) connects to the source SAN as a peer and imports the data while the source SAN I/O continue.

The good news is that with each new 3PAR StoreServ you get a 180 day license for Peer Motion for free!

So how does it work?

Step 1 – 3PAR StoreServ is connected as a Peer to the Host via FC

Step 2 – 3PAR StoreServ is connected to the Host and the Virtual Volumes using admitvv

Step 3 – Old SAN is removed and the Virtual Volume is imported into the 3PAR StoreServ

Step 4 – Host links to the old SAN are removed

EVA Management & Configuration

I think all of us have known that the EVA has been slowly dieing, so below is a quick overview of how the software maps across.

Array Management
HP P6000 Command View Software = HP 3PAR Management Console (MC)
HP Storage System Scripting Utility (SSSU) = HP 3PAR 3PAR OS CLI

Performance Management
HP P6000 Performance Advisor Software = HP 3PAR MC (Real time)
HP P6000 Performance Advisor Software = HP 3PAR System Reporter (History)
HP Performance Data Collector (EVAPerf) = HP 3PAR System Reporter

Replication Management
HP Replication Solutions Manager (RSM) = 3PAR MC /CLI
HP RSM =Recovery Manager (SQL/Exchage/Oracle/vSphere)

Recovery Manager

To be honest I haven’t ever used HP Recovery Manager and I can’t forsee a time when I will.  However for the purpose of the HP – ASE, I need to understand what it is and does.

Recovery Manager creates application consistent copies of Exchange and SQL using Microsoft VSS, it also works with Oracle, VMware, Remote Copy, Data Protector and NetBackup.

Recovery Manager

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