Upgrading To Horizon View 5.2 – Security Server

The good news is that to upgrade the Security Server we use the Connection Server installer from here and at the time of writing the latest release is VMware-viewconnectionserver-x86_64-5.2.0-987719.exe

Launch the installer

View Security Server 1

Click Next

View Security Server 2

Accept the EULA

View Composer Upgrade 3

Verify that your Connection Server FQDN is correct

View Security Server 3

Next we need to jump into the View Administrator and go to View Configuration > Servers > Connection Servers > More Commands > Specify Security Server Pairing Password

View Security Server 4

Cool, once you have done this, enter the same password on the Security Server installation and click Next

View Security Server 5

Verify your URL’s for your Security Server and click Next

View Security Server 6

Choose ‘Configure Windows Firewall Automatically’

View Security Server 7

Now let’s click Install

View Security Server 8

Quite a quick installation, hopefully you should have the Finish button available.

View Security Server 9

As always, we are going to give the server a reboot and check Programs & Features to make sure we are running the correct version.

View Security Server 10

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