Commsupport – Free Live Instructor Led Courses

I have used Commsupport in the past for my CCNA: Security training see blog post here, and lots of my work colleagues have used them as well.  Anyhow since then we have stayed in touch as they are always willing to lend a hand with any obscure questions I have had.

Joe, the Senior Instructor has been in touch and they are launching ‘Free Live On-Line Instructor Led Courses’, I had to double take on this and re read it again to make sure I wasn’t missing anything!

Why Free Live On-Line Instructor Led Courses?

Joe Spoto Senior Instructor explains why

‘Over the last few years a new term has crept into our midst and is being repeated over and over like a mantra hailing the arrival of the next big thing on the internet. The “MOOC” (Massive open online course) the MOOC is an online course aimed at large-scale interactive participation and open access via the internet

The idea behind the MOOC is a reasonable one, allow anyone with access to the web to login and register for a course, the down side of the MOOC is that despite all of the perceived advantages of “Doing in your own time and pace” has led to a critically large number of participants failing or dropping out of their chosen courses.

The problem is simply one of structure, there is none with the MOOC, how many times have you had to do something and kept putting it off until a later date? Promising yourself that you will get around to it?, the days, week, months and even years pass and you are still procrastinating.

This is the reason that the MOOC is doomed as a primary educational tool, what is needed is something in between traditional classroom based training and the convenience of home study.

During the live online sessions you will be able to ask the instructor questions and work through problems, get to the bottom of that problem quicker and more efficiently. Our instructors will be making loads of workbooks available as additional material along with off-line pre-recorded videos for additional content and invites to private invitation only sessions.

All of the live online sessions you attend are also recorded so if you need they can be made available for download so can watch your session as many times as you wish.

These courses will be hosted by real live expert instructors, with real live interaction, you can ask questions and they will answer them, so no pre recorded sessions.

To emphasise the live classes are just that they are LIVE and NOT recordings, because the courses are live and interactive the student will be more engaged and receptive than having to watch videos alone. Since the sessions are set to run on specific times the student is more likely to login to attend since there is no ability to keep putting it off until another day.

Commsupport believe the FREE live on-line model will change the way we learn online

What Courses Will Commsupport Be Offering?

Initially the first set of free live online courses we will be running from September/October/November will be:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Prince2 Foundation
  • ITIL
  • Cisco CCDA
  • Linux Essential LPI
  • Hacking Essentials
  • Cisco Fundamentals
  • Comptia A+
  • Comptia N+

How Do I Register?

To register simply sign up at Commsupport

What’s The Catch?

Where is the Catch you might be asking!……erm…..erm…um……er……that’s the problem here there is no catch, just register and Commsupport will send you a regular e-mail telling you about launch date.  Don’t worry they don’t send out any marketing stuff.

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