VMware Certified Associate

VMware have announced a new track in the certification program.  Previously the first step was a VCP which was ‘Professional Level’ this now becomes the second tier.

The first tier is now ‘VMware Certified Associate’.  The good news is that no prerequisites apply e.g. you don’t need to go on an official VMware course to obtain certification.  However it is recommended that you go on the free self paced e learning classes to prepare.

Four exams are available in the VMware Certificated Associate track, which are:

  1. VCA – Cloud (VCAC510)
  2. VCA – Data Center Virtualization (VCAD510)
  3. VCA – Workforce Mobility (VCAW510)
  4. VCA – Network Virtualization (soon to be released)


2 thoughts on “VMware Certified Associate

  1. Is there any other materials other than vmware elearning to pass the exam?
    Which exam i will take first i.e.VCA-CLOUD OR VCA-DCV ?
    pls reply me?

    1. Hi Bishnu, I don’t believe any other resources are available at the moment, I would recommend starting with VCA-DCV.

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