Upgrading To Horizon View 5.3 – Step 3 – Security Server

In the last blog post we upgraded our Connection Server which was straight forward (great job VMware).  Next we need to upgrade the Security Server.

To make things slightly harder, I’m performing a ‘twist test’ which means that the upgrade is being performed using a Horizon View 5.2 dedicated desktop.  Any issues to the usability of the desktop will be in the table at the end of the post.

Upgrade Process

Before we embark on this upgrade process, the number one rule is to get a good backup.  Plus I recommend you check that everything is in good working order in your Horizon View 5.2 environment.

View Upgrade 01

View Security Server 

In my lab, I have a single View Security server called VMF-VSEC01.  Before we can start the upgrade, we need to make sure we have no Remote Sessions as these will be effected.

View Upgrade 22

The first thing we are going to do is download the correct installation which is at the time of writing is VMware-viewconnectionserver-x86_64-5.3.0-1427931

Launch the installer and hit ‘Next’

View Upgrade 10

Accept the EULA and hit ‘Next’

View Upgrade 11

Select Paired Connection Server and hit ‘Next’

View Upgrade 20

I then received an error message ‘Unable to connect to the server VMF-VCON01.vmfocus.com on TCP port 8009.  Please check that the specified Connection Server is running and that this TCP port is not being blocked by a firewall’

View Upgrade 23

A telnet to VMF-VCON01 on 8009 shows that the Connection Server is listening correctly.

I was unable to select ‘Prepare for Upgrade or Re installation’ of my View Security Server as this was ‘greyed out’.

To resolve this, go into Windows Advanced Firewall on both your View Connection and Security Server > Connection Security Rules > Delete > VMware View Security Pairing

View Upgrade 24

A quick re try and we are now able to enter a Security Server Pairing Password.  This needs to be set in View Administrator by going to View Configuration > Servers > Connection Servers > More Commands > Specify Security Server Pairing Password

View Upgrade 25

We can now enter the Security Server Pairing Password in our installation screen

View Upgrade 26

Check your External URL, PCoIP External URL and Blast External URL to ensure these are correct and hit ‘Next’

View Upgrade 27

Select Configure Windows Firewall Automatically and hit ‘Next’

View Upgrade 28

Then hit ‘Install’

View Upgrade 29

A quick check of the vmfocus.com Horizon View environment shows everything is working, so onto the next step!

View Upgrade 30

Twist Test

Question Answer
Did the installation cause any disruption to existing internal Horizon View 5.3 desktop connections? No
Able to connect to existing composed desktops after installation? Yes
Recompose tasks work on Horizon View 5.2 desktops? Yes
Did the View Security Server require a reboot? No
Did external remote access work during installation? No
HTML 5.3 Access via Blast working after installation? Yes
External remote access working after installation? Yes

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