vCOPS for View Licensing

Having not deployed vCenter Operations Manager for View in the ‘wild’ I wasn’t sure of the licensing model.  After some research and help from the community I was able to answer my questions, so thought I would ‘pay it forward’ and put together a blog post.

vCOPS for View

Q. What monitoring does it include?

A.  The ability to monitor the number of Horizon View desktops that you have purchased.  Also included is monitoring of your Connection and Security Servers.

Q. Do I need to purchase vCOPS separately as a management portal?

A. No, this is included

Note The vCOPS portal is specific to View and does not give you the ability to monitor your vSphere environment except for Connection and Security Servers.

Q. I want to use my existing vCOPS to monitor View what version do I need?

A. At least Advanced edition.

Note I changed my Standard vCOPS license to Enterprise on a free trial key and then added the View adapter.  I then reverted back to the Standard license to see what would happen,  Unfortunately, you receive the error message ‘this product is unlicensed or cannot connect to the vSphere Server.  Use a vSphere Client to connect to the vCenter Server and assign a license key’.

vCOPS Error

 Thanks to the following chaps from Twitter for their input:

  • Sunny Dua @Sunny_Dua
  • Michael Armstrong @m80arm
  • Hersey Cartwright @herseyc
  • Thomas Brown @thombrown

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