VCDX Defence – A Reality

Seems like an age ago that during VMworld 2013 Europe Gregg Robertson coerced me into agreeing to put my name down for a VCDX defence date in 2014.  At the time I didn’t give it much thought apart from trying to help bring the panellist to the UK to help other people out who wanted a British defence.

Since then I completed the VCAP5-DCA which was a task in itself (as I don’t administrate a vSphere environment), this was followed by far too many hours putting together a VCDX Architecture Design before submitting it too VMware for review.

Yesterday at 18:17 UK time I received the email from Mark Brunstad which had ‘Your VCDX Application Review Results are attached. Please read the document carefully and respond as requested.’ in the email body.

My first thought was crap, never mind I can’t be defending must have gotten something wrong as there would be no way VMware would make you open up the attached PDF.  I felt a bit despondent but opened the attachment anyway to get my feedback.  Straight away my eyes caught the middle section of the PDF the location of the defences will be in Germany, eh (I thought), quickly scanning back I saw the words

I am happy to inform you that you have achieved a high enough score to allow you to proceed to the defense stage of the process

At that moment I felt two things exhilaration and nausea, pretty much the same feeling when I went on the 300ft Skycoaster at Kissimmee Florida


After I had picked myself up from the floor, reality sunk in that I have (somehow) managed to join the individuals who have been asked to step in front of the panellists to try and obtain the VCDX qualification.

Guess that means I will be making a impromptu trip in July to Germany!

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