2014 – It’s A Wrap

2014 was a rollercoaster ride of a journey with tremendous highs and terrible lows.  One of the things I focused on during 2014 was to be ‘more’ concise.  With that in mind, this is what happened in ‘my 2014’.


  • Posted 34 blog posts
  • VMFocus received just over 375,000 visitors
  • VMFocus enters vSphere Lands Top 50 Bloggers list at number 42
  • Passed 200 overall blog posts (this being 206)
  • Entered my third year of blogging
  • Didn’t post in November 2014
    • First time I haven’t blogged in a month since VMFocus’s inception in May 2012




  • Body Fat 8%
    • Achieved and maintained throughout 2014
  • Metabolic Age 22
  • Basal Metabolic Rate 1907 kcal

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