How To: Map HP StoreVirtual Volumes to Datastores

Problem Statement

You have created numerous datastores on your HP StoreVirtual of the same size and presented these to your ESXi Hosts.  However, you have since forgotten how the datastores map back to the volumes.

When you check the Runtime Name of your devices (Storage > Devices) to find out the LUN number, you see that each LUN has is ‘0’ as per the screenshot below.


This can be confirmed in HP StoreVirtual Centralised Management Console under Servers > Select Server > Volumes & Snapshots


Not very helpful at all!


Each datastores has a unique iSCSI Target string which can be used to identify how they are mapped to volumes.

To find out what they are select the Datastore > Properties > Manage Paths

Device Properties

At the bottom we can see the Target, this shows tells us the following details:

  • DC02-MG01
    • Denotes the Management Group the volume is in
  • 39 is the hexadecimal representation of 27 which is the VMware NAA (thanks to Jonathan Reid for this information)
    • Denotes the unique target identifier for the volume
  • DC01-DR01SRM
    • Denotes the volume name on the HP StoreVitual

Target Name

So we now know this datastore corresponds to the volume called DC01-DR01SRM in Management Group DC02-MG01.

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