VMworld 2015 Announcements – In a Nutshell

vmworld2015-logo-blackThe excitement of VMworld 2015 is upon us, and below are the key announcements.

Naturally, we will need to dig a bit deeper to understand the technology in more detail along with the limitations and costs.

  • VSAN 6.1
    • 2 x Node Cluster Supported
    • vSphere Metro Storage Cluster Supported
    • Windows Server Failover Clustering Supported
    • vROPs Integration (not sure if a management pack is needed)
    • vSphere Replication Enhanced 5 Min RPO

This answers a lot of use cases for me, especially the 2 x Node Cluster and vMSC support.

  • VMware Hybrid Cloud
    • Support for Layer 2 Networking Extension
    • Encryption over the WAN and optimisation
    • Cross Cloud vMotion (on-premises to vCloud Air)

Layer 2 is key here as a lot of customers have apps that break if you change subnets.  Zero downtime is pretty decent as well, however you still need to design for user access to applications and services in vCloud Air.

  • SRM 6.1
    • Metro Stretch Clusters, ability to live migrate across vCenters.  Think vMSC but with control for test and planned failover.

Another key enhancement here, lots of campus type customers such as Universities and NHS Trusts will look into this more deeply..

  • VAIO (vSphere API’s for IO Filtering)
    • Enables third party data services to intercept IO and optimise before hitting storage.
    • Initial use cases are caching and replication
    • Works with VMFS, Virtual Volumes and VSAN

Although VAIO was announced at VMworld 2014.  We should start to see some practical use-cases.  My best guess is that we will see in-memory optimisation for IO, same as Atlantis but without the need for a separate appliance.

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