Virtualisation Field Day 6 – Quick Preview Spirent

SpirentI have been invited to a number of Virtualisation Field Day (sorry have to spell it the correct way) by Stephen Foskett, but for one reason or another things didn’t work out at my end.  The stars have aligned and I’m pleased to say I will be attending VFD 6.

All of the companies that are presenting are new to me, which makes things a lot more interesting, as a tech we like shiny new things!  The fourth one is Spirent.

What Do They Do?

According to the strap line on the website it’s ‘Enabling innovations, making connections’.

Spirent is a communications provider over traditional ethernet, WiFi, satellite and mobile devices.  They also offer data centre services for high speed etherent (100Gbps/400Gbps) and the ability to check data centre overlays such as VXLAN to validate switching fabric against failure scenarios.  Quite impressive is that Spirent have performed the largest Cisco Nexus 9000 Series test using a Nexus 9516 with 128 x 100G modules.  The full report can be found here.

Spirent have an extensive history with the company originally founded in 1936 as Bowthorpe Electric Company Limited.  Before numerous acquisitions, sell offs and market alignment have left them as a £457 million pound turnover company with 1,700 employees.

Personally, I’m interested in what Spirent have to say at Virtualisation Field Day 6.  They could provide a present on anything that they do (which is vast to say the least).  Will it be security, network virtualisation, automation, testing, the list goes on!

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