End Of A VCP Era

No VCPIt was back in November 2011 when I first obtained the VCP qualification, I remember how excited I was when I passed this exam.  I was designing and installing vSphere 4.x on HPE hardware and this was a string in my bow that validated my expertise.

Move forward to September 2017 and the IT industry has evolved.  The skills required to design and deploy vSphere environments are common place and the demand that I see from customers isn’t around architecting a vSphere platform.

A customer might require some assistance to migrate to the target platform, but when they are consuming it, where does the next the next requirement come from?

Throughout my IT career, I have always built my knowledge based on what I believe is credible within the market place.  This hasn’t ever been from a technical perspective, rather a business point of view.

When studying for certifications, you are taking time away from family, friends and generally doing the things you enjoy outside of work.  When I make this commitment, I want to use my time efficiently on what I believe will yield the highest reward for the least investment.

With the above in mind, it is with a heavy heart that I will let me VCP expire this month.  The reason I say heavy heart is that I have so many found memories of not only of using the cool technology that VMware have provided, but the people I have worked with designing and deploying vSphere solutions not only on a professional level but also across the community.

As they say when one chapter closes another begins, watch this space!

3 thoughts on “End Of A VCP Era

  1. I let mine go after the 5 to 5.5 debacle. I passed my VCP 6 exam, but with no class, the test was worthless. (I still have my VCAP 4 & 5). One thing people seem to forget is that it costs around $8k to $10k to GET your VCP (Class costs + time off work + study time & Cert fees)… VMware (EMC) has screwed themselves royally and they don’t seem to know or care.

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