vROPs Foundation – The Case of the Missing Edition

It appears that in the newest release of vRealize Operations Manager the Foundation version has been discontinued.

Screenshot taken from VMware United Kingdom vRealize Operations Manager edition comparison.


What Does This Mean?

My experience with vRealize Operations Manager predecessor vCenter Operations Manager was that it required data collection for at least 60 days for you to leverage anything meaningful from it.

This meant you could run the foundation version initially which would collect all the relevant performance data required and then use your free trial key after 60 days to open up the features required.

This approach was great for PoC’s or pilots as it didn’t require any initial investment from the business. ┬áMy concern is that only being able to leverage the product for 60 days, customers might not 100% believe the information that vROPs is reporting.

Screenshot taken from VMware United States vRealize Operations Manager evaluation center

vROPs 60 Day

I have raised this internally with VMware in the United Kingdom to see if a ‘Foundation’ version of vROPs is in the pipeline.

Credit goes to Neil Gardner all round top bloke and one of my colleagues who brought this to my attention.