Installing HBA Drivers On vSphere 5

Bit of a personal post for me to be honest as I have to keep looking this up!

Depending on the size of the vSphere Cluster you are going to install, if you are like me, you might not always have the luxury of time and therefore cannot create a customised ESXi5 install.

I’m assuming that you have downloaded the ESXi5 HBA Drivers from the manufacturers’ website to your local machine and you have the vSphere Client installed.  In this demo I will be using some Brocade Drivers.

I generally rename any local HDD to the same name as the ESXi host for example ESXi08HDD

We then use the vSphere Client to browse the datastore, then create a new folder called ‘Brocade’ to upload the driver file to.

We now need to ensure that we have enabled SSH which can be done on the console of the ESXi Host by going logging in and going to ‘Troubleshooting Mode Options’ and then Enable ESXi Shell.

I use Putty as my SSH client, which is available from this link SSH onto the ESXi Host and enter your credentials. Note all of the following commands are after the #

cd /vmfs/volumes/ESXi08HDD/Brocade (Enter)
We should be able to see the driver we uploaded
Then run the following commands:
cp brocade.tar.gz /tmp
cd /tmp
tar zxvf brocade.tar.gz
./ -n


Once the host is back online, you will see you HBA’s installed and ready for use under Storage Adapters.

3 thoughts on “Installing HBA Drivers On vSphere 5

  1. Thanks for such a neat summary of this process. Much more comprehensive and helpful than the instructions provided by Brocade and in at least one respect – more accurate. I only wish I’d found this post a few hours ago.

  2. Found this website after extensive googling and repetitive answers.
    This worked first time, without issues. Thank you so much!

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