Virtual Machine Notes

It’s happens to the best of us, we go to a client site to check/review the current infrastrucutre and we get greeted with zero documentation apart from it being in ‘Dave the IT guys head’.

‘Dave the IT guy’ is then on annual leave or ill so we start a manual process of trying to discover an account with enough privileges to let us login to servers and eventually find out which server holds the vCentre role.

Great, we then get greeted with the old IT favourite, servers named after items from Star Wars!  The usual suspects are there, R2D2, C3PO, DarthVader, LukeSkywalker, Endor etc.

This leads me onto Virtual Machine notes, something which all of us have been guilty of over looking.  It’s such a simple thing that makes every discovery process or day to day administration so much easier.

Spend a few minutes per server to make a quick note about what roles they perform and it makes everyones life easier.

We only need to click the Virtual Machine and then add a note.

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