Is VMware Site Recovery Manager Really Worth It?

Following on from yesterdays post ‘10 Questions With Craig Kilborn‘ VMware have posted my first article on the Bloggers Bench

It’s not a ‘true’ technical article, more along the lines of why use technology to met your business objects.

From the Bloggers Bench: Is VMware Site Recovery Manager Really Worth It?

Let’s start off with a cheery fact ‘the U.S. Department of Labor estimates over 40% of businesses never reopen following a disaster. Of the remaining companies, at least 25% will close within 2 years. Over 60% of businesses confronted by a major disaster close by two years, according to the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (information source).

A question I’m asked a lot is do I really need DR? Well reading the above statement, I hope the answer is yes, but in all reality the actual answer is, it depends.  OK that is probably the most ‘woolly’ thing anyone in IT can say, we like hard and fast, black and white rules as engineers dammit!

For example, you may work for a company that has no on premise IT, you use a cloud based platform for your accounts, CRM and HR packages and you use hosted Exchange, SharePoint and Lync as your communication pieces, would you need DR, well the answer is probably not.

What about if you work for a company with a vSphere environment which can cater for two host failures and has redundancy on every level.  This is then housed in a Tier 5 Datacenter offering 99.999% uptime, with the usual battery backed generators, diverse internet links, fire suppression systems and environmental monitoring.  Connectivity is provided by diverse links to the datacentre, would you need DR then? Possibly as it depends on how the company views risk, if I was a betting man, I would say in most scenarios DR wouldn’t be necessary.

Read the rest of the article here

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