VMware View – Objective 2.8 Configure Role Based Administrators


  • Identify required folders
  • Create View folders for delegated administration and roles
  • Set permissions on a folder
  • Create the administrator roles
  • Assign folders and roles to user and/or groups

Identify Required Folders

View’s Permissions are based around Folders, and are designed to work with each Desktop Pool, so you can different View Administrators   for different users if you so wish.

The good news is I have covered all of the knowledge except for Creating View Folders already in VMware View – Objective 2.3 Configure View Standard & Replica Connection Servers under Section Identify Default Roles, Custom Roles, and What Permissions Are Available

To create a View Folder go to Inventory > Pools and Select Folder > New Folder

View Folder 1

Enter your Folder Name and Hit OK

View Folder 2

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