Veeam – Error: The method is disabled by ‘MVDI’

Error: The method is disabled by ‘MVDI’ is caused when you have a View Transfer Server which you are trying to back up.

Veeam 1

The View Transfer Server holds locked copies of Local Mode desktops which if altered would result in data corruption. Due to this normal VM functions such as snapshots, DRS, Storage DRS cannot be performed on the VMDK.

To enable the backup to run successfully, go into View Administrator > View Configuration > Servers > Transfer Servers and Select Enter Maintenance Mode.

Veeam 2

Select OK to enter Maintenance Mode

Veeam 3

Verify you are in Maintenance Mode

Veeam 4

Hop back over to Veeam and restart your backup job and voila this time we have success!

Veeam 5

Don’t forget to Exit Maintenance Mode on your View Transfer Server.

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