VMware View – Objective 3.4 Configure Local Mode Use


  • Given a customer environment and requirements, apply compatible Local Mode pool settings

Bit of a broad title, but we can run down some of the Local Mode settings to ensure they meet what Mr Customer wants!

Local Mode

Local Mode Virtual Desktop

Bit of an obvious one, but you are going to need to configure either an Automated Full Clone, Linked Clone or Manual Clone.

Whatever your choice, make sure that your that your Virtual Machine Hardware is 7.  I have heard that version 8 now works, but I haven’t tested it yet.

Transfer Server

This has to be configured with a LSI Logic Parallel SCSI Controller, otherwise Local Mode no worky!

View Administrator

Numero uno has to be to enable Local Mode, which is under Policies > Global Policies

Local Mode 2

We have a few other choices in here, they are:

User Initiated Rollback Can the user go back to the View Desktop version and discard any offline changes?

Max Time Without Server Contact How long is the desktop allowed to be offline? If it goes over this period you will get a warning stating you need to be like ET and call home.

Target Replication Frequency How often does the View Agent try and connect back to home

User Deferred Replication Can the user choose to put off replication?

Disks Replicated OS, Persistent or both?

User Initiated  Yay or nah

User Initiated Replication Yay or nah

All of these settings can be applied at Pool level as well for extra diversification.

Interestingly enough, you can actually state on a Pool settings that the desktop can only be used offline. By choosing the following settings:

Local Mode 3

Group Policy

We have a number of Group Policy settings which can be found in the View Client ADM under either

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Classic Administrative Templates > VMware View Client Configuration

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Classic Administrative Templates > VMware View Client Configuration

Default Exit Behavior For Local Mode Desktops Do we want them to Suspend or Shutdown

Delay The Start of Replications When Starting The View Client With Local Mode How much time in seconds after you login to View Client Local Mode before it tries to replicate

Redirect SmartCard Readers in Local Mode Can we use a Smart Card Reader in Local Mode

Client Device

Hopefully it should go without saying that if you want to bring a View Desktop ‘offline’ then your physical hardware needs to have more RAM than the View Desktop.  Also you need to make sure you have enough free disk space to hold the Local Mode desktop.

Last thing to note that Local Mode doesn’t work with dual monitors in the traditional sense.  Instead it stretched your desktop across two screens.

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