HP StoreVirtual & SRM – Case Of The Missing Datastores

Problem Statement

Datastores do not show under Array Managers > Devices and therefore you cannot create Protection Groups.

No Datastores

Replicated datastores have virtual machines within them and replication has completed within the Centralized Management Console

CMC Console

vSphere Console


  • HP StoreVirtual SRA installed from HP StoreVirtual Storage
  • SRM server has an interface on the iSCSI subnet
  • .NET Framework 3.5.1 installed on SRM Server as without this you won’t be able to discover the Storage Replication Adapter


Even though your datastores are showing correctly and are replicating, a lower case character match is required between your vSphere iSCSI and the CMC initiator node name.

vSphere IQN



In my case the vSphere IQN contained DC01-ESXi01 in capitals, whereas the CMC IQN contained dc01-esxi01.

  • If you change the IQN in vSphere to the same name but in lowercase characters, connectivity remains
  • Perform a rescan of Storage Devices and VMFS Volumes
  • Verify that datastores are now showing under Array Managers > Devices
  • Create Protection Groups

Datstores Working

3 thoughts on “HP StoreVirtual & SRM – Case Of The Missing Datastores

  1. Thank you so much, been struggling for a few days with this, funny thing is VMware settings was lower case already but was displaying as uppercase, a bug maybe.

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