vExpert – New Awardees, Free Stuff & How To Obtain The Title

vmw_logo_vmware-expertThe vExpert 2015 Announcement has been made by VMware and I’m pleased be to say that I have been nominated for the third year.

A big thank you to @vCommunityGuy for all his hard work and efforts compiling the list and vetting the people who apply.

Why Do It?

Let’s be honest blogging takes time and effort especially on a consistent basis with relevant things that haven’t already been covered hundreds of times.  So why do we put ourselves through the ‘mill’ to create content?  The answer is to give back.  How many times have you been grateful to that ‘unsung hero’ who created an article, that resolved the problem you were having.

Take a moment and say thank you, bloggers like and appreciate comments/feedback

The main part is giving back but I use as a repository for my general day to day work, I have forgotten how many times I refer back to my own articles to point me in the right direction on a topic or on an installation.

What Did I Do To Obtain vExpert 2015?

When I wasn’t a vExpert I always wanted to know what was required to become one, I’m sure some people awarded the title do more and some less.

On top of this I ran the VCDX EMEA Study Group for people who defended in July 2014 and contribute on a regular basis to Twitter about all things VMware.

Free Stuff

Strange as it may sound you don’t really get anything from VMware apart from the title (which to me is more than enough).  You get access to some vSphere NFR’s put most of us have these via work anyway.  The interesting items come from vendors who recognise the vExpert contribution to the community and as such want to reward it.

A number of blogs have lists of things you can register for, the ones I normally refer to are:

Newly Minted vExpert

To add yourself to the vExpert Directory, first of all login to VMTN and make sure that your handle has the vE symbol beside it


Then go back to the vExpert Directory and click on Create new vExpert Entry


Fill out your details and if you want a vExpert Appreciation Gift, give the box a tick!

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    1. Hi Mark, yes I am however Unitrends already sponsor you just have a smaller advert.

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