Horizon View License Upgrade Tool

The past eighteen months has seen huge investment by VMware within the EUC space, with the arrival of Sanjay Poonen and Horizon (with View) 6 which introduced application publishing in the Advanced edition.  Finally we had an emerging contender to the heavy weight Citrix XenApp.

With this investment from VMware, the past twelve months have seen an increased number of customers looking at virtualizing desktops and applications, this has lead to an increased conversations about how to upgrade existing licenses and the best route to take depending on what features are required and what license model.

  • Per Named User
    • For virtual environments with staff that need dedicated access to a virtual machine throughout the day
  • Per Concurrent Connection
    • For virtual environments with a high number of shift workers where machines are shared between workers throughout the day (e.g. students, shift workers)

VMware have caught onto the minefield and have released the VMware End User Computing Upgrade Path Tool  which will show you what SKU’s are required to move to Horizon 6.


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