No Singapore/Frimley VCDX Workshops – Vote to Change

White Clouds SmallVMware released the VCDX 2015 defence dates on 7th January 2015 see my blog post here.  VMware have decided to organise three defence locations at Palo Alto (USA), Frimley (UK) and Singapore (Asia).

It would seem logical then to have VCDX Workshops in these three locations as they are chosen for the defences.  However this is not the case and Chris Colitti @ccolotti and Karl Childs @karlchilds has released the 2015 VCDX Workshop Dates and out of the thirteen dates announced, only two are outside the US which are

  • Toronto
  • Netherlands

I understand that the VCDX Workshops are take time, effort and expense to run.  However, I would like to use this blog post as a conduit to raise awareness to Chris Colitti and Karl Childs understand the demand for these types of workshops in the UK and Singapore.

So if you are interested in a VCDX workshop in one of these locations, please vote below so we can track the data and share with VMware.

**Update 1**

Thank you to Chris Colotti for the responses below and for his blog post VCDX Workshops & VCDX Prep Class that provides details on the extra resources available to VCDX candidates.

**Update 2**

Chris Colotti has since announced the first VCDX Workshop which will take place on Friday 13th March 2015 at 14:00 UK time.  To register for the event follow the link here.

3 thoughts on “No Singapore/Frimley VCDX Workshops – Vote to Change

  1. Please allow me to explain a few things.

    First, we were offered rooms that aligned with the VMUG’s listed at a very good rate so it fit within the budget we had available.

    Secondly, other locations are not out of the question, but as with anything is is about the constraint of resources. Since we got aligned with the larger VMUG conferences it made financial sense initially, and others may follow, but that is TBD.

    Third, we will be holding these as well at the two VMworld events, those have just not been posted as we have to work out details on venues.

    Fourth, there is a paid 3-day VCDX prep class that is now being offered to the candidates invited to defend the week before each of the defense dates.

    Lastly, it is important to understand the difference between the 4-hour workshop and the 3-day prep class. The workshop covers the process and tips for people looking into the VCDX journey, hence why it is offered free. The 3-Day Prep Class has specific activities related to each candidate for mock defenses, and scenarios to truly help them prepare for the defense the following week. It’s meant to help them gain more confidence and “get their mind right”. It is not offered publically as the primary requirement is you must be invited to defend to attend. Neither is education on architecture, and even in the prep class the design can NOT be altered it’s meant simply to help candidates be best prepared for the following week.

    I’m sorry people feel they are being left out, unfortunately we have to work within the constraints presented to us and the 3-day prep class goes WELL beyond anything ever offered by VMware to help prepare a candidate who has been invited. Since the workshops are offered free of charge, we simply cannot just hold them whenever and wherever people ask for since the cost is absorbed by VMware.

    1. Thank you for taking the time out to respond Chris, I appreciate it and so does the wider community.

      Good to hear that candidates now have the 3 day VDCX preparation class on offer.

      Would you be able to provide another virtual VCDX workshop via Webex, the one put together by Matt Vandenbeld was well received.

      1. Potentially, but 4 hours online people get distracted, we’d have to figure out the right length so people do not get lost. Even I cannot sit staring at a webex for 4 hours even if I am the one presenting it!

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