Review: Mastering VMware Horizon 6 – With 25% Discount Code

Mastering Horizon 6It was around a year ago when Barry Coombs approached me to see if I would like to be a reviewer on his and Peter von Oven upcoming book Mastering VMware Horizon 6.  I agreed to the project as most of the previous books I had read or reviewed from Packt Publishing had been circa 200 hundred pages and skimmed the surface of the chosen subject.  When I opened the first chapter to provide feedback, I knew this was an entirely different book, in a good way!

Peter and Barry have created the go to book on Horizon 6.  It covers every aspect of the Horizon Advanced stack, including the latest release 6.1.  I’m not entirely sure how they managed this considering the book was started twelve months ago.  But from the readers perspective you know that the information is up to date.

I don’t say the words, they have covered every aspect of the Horizon stack lightly:

  • Horizon View Architecture (Connection, Composer & Security Servers)
  • Persona Management
  • Printing, USB Devices
  • PCoIP
  • Hardware Accelerated Graphics
  • Unified Commuications, Real Time Audio Video
  • Design & Deployment Considerations
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • SSL Certificates
  • Optimising Desktop Image
  • Managing Desktop Pools
  • Fine Tuning End User Experience
  • Application Delivery
  • View Clients
  • Upgrading to Horizon 6
  • VMware Mirage
  • VMware Workspace
  • App Volumes
  • Virtual SAN
  • Troubleshooting

VDI is a complicated product that has probably the most ‘touch points’ on end to end infrastructure than any other.  If we take a users connection to virtual desktop, you need to account for Client Device > View Client > Network > SSL Certificates > Security Server > Connection Server > Active Directory > View Composer > Windows Operating System > User Profiles > Application Delivery

Peter and Barry have all of this covered along with compute and storage resources using their unique easy to digest writing style.

If you are deploying, managing or configuring a Horizon View environment, this book needs to be in your toolkit, I cannot speak highly enough of the content.

Discount Code

Peter and Barry have been kind enough to share a 25% discount code that readers of can use via Packt Publishing before 16th May 2015.

Go to Packt Publishing add the Mastering VMware Horizon 6 book to your cart and apply discount code MVH25 at the checkout.

Discount Code

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