Cisco UCS Platform Emulator – Unable to Launch UCS Manager

This is a quick blog post to help anyone who is setting up and configuring Cisco UCS Platform Emulator for the first time and is staring blankly at a screen wondering why they have no ability to launch UCS Manager.

Problem Statement

Connecting to the VIP Address of the Cisco UCS Platform Emulator, you are unable to launch UCS Manager.

Cisco UCS 01


Cisco UCS Platform Emulator works under the premise of secure and un-secure context and therefore is blocked by FireFox.

Select the ‘shield icon’ in FireFox

Cisco UCS 02


Click Options

Cisco UCS 03

Select ‘Disable Protection Now’

Cisco UCS 04


Refresh and you can now Launch Cisco UCS Manager

Cisco UCS 05

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