Installing Windows Server 2012 RC on ESXi 5

Today, I need to upgrade my standalone ESXi Host as I wanted to trial Windows Server 2012.  I created a virtual machine using the Guest Operating System ‘Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit’ with the following hardware settings:

When Windows Server 2012 began to install, it would display the following error:

After some research, I established that the following Host Update needed to be installed.

To do this, I downloaded the update and then uploaded it into the root of a Datastore called ‘Data’
I then logged onto my ESXi Host via SSH and issued the following command:
Remember that any files/folders are case sensitive, this always gets me!
Windows Server 2012 RC is now installing.

Windows Sever 2012 RC is now installed and ready to be configured.

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