HP P2000 G3 Firmware Upgrade

The HP P2000 G3 is HP’s entry level SAN, it’s a robost piece of kit, as long as you keep the firmware updated.

Before we upgrade the SAN firmware, let’s run through a couple of items.

  1. Brick – It might happen, the SAN could become a brick after the firmware upgrade, always get a good backup of your data before you embark on the firmware upgrade.
  2. Downtime – Even though this can be done live, I recommend you arrange downtime, it’s just the sensible thing to do and gives you flexibility.
  3. Internet – This should go without saying, as you need to be able to download the drivers.
  4. Alarms/Monitoring – Turn this off for the SAN, as you will be inundated with emails/tickets.

Right then let’s crack on shall we.

First of all we need to download the right firmware at the time of writing this the TS240P003 has been released, this can be obtained from here

To make things slightly easier the one you want is in the red box below,.

After you have downloaded the firmware, we need to extract it, you can try the online flash, but for me it never works.

The file we care about is TS240P004-02.bin

Log into your P2000 G3 by browsing to the IP Address of either Management Controller

Select the SAN name on the top left level and go to Tools > Update Firmware

At this point, I would double check that you have an straight upgrade path from your current contoller firmware to the one you intend to install.  I have checked mine so we are golden.

Click Browse to locate the TS240P004-02.bin file

TOP TIP: The controller you are logged into is the controller you will be upgrading the firmware on.

Click on OK and you will see the firmware being uploaded and applied, this can take some time so don’t worry.

Boom, it’s finished you should receive a ‘firmware update succeeded, restarting controller’

At this point you should have different versions of firmware on your controllers

TOP TIP: Check iSCSI or Fibre Channel access to your Volumes before you move onto the next controller.

Rinse and repeat for the next controller, and you should be golden.

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