Adding HP & Dell VIB to VUM

Depending on your vSphere environment, you will have probably installed your ESXi hosts using a custom ISO from your hardware manufacturer.

Then after this, usually the standard vSphere Update Manager sources are used.

VUM Download

VUM will update your ESXi Host with patches from VMware, however it won’t update perform driver updates to your components e.g. NIC

This is where the vSphere Infrastructure Bundles come into play.  A great explanation of VIBs can be found over here by Kyle Gleed

First of all browse to the HP Software Delivery Repository and locate the most recent month (this is a manual check I’m afraid).  In this case it is Apr2013


Double click Apr2013 and then locate index.xml and double click on this.   What you want is the URL from your browser, in this case it is

Go into vSphere Update Manager > Administration View > Configuration > Download Settings and Select Add Download Source


Add in and Validate URL. If successful a Green Tick should appear.


The VIB won’t be live for use by VUM until you click Apply


Then click ‘Download Now’

We now need to make sure that our Baseline Groups are going to use the HP VIBs as a validation source for VUM Scans

To do this go to Baselines & Groups > Edit

VUM Scans

Click Next until you get to Criteria and make sure that Patch Vendor equals Any

VUM Scans 02

Click Next until you get through to Finish.

Hope that helps you manage and maintain your vSphere environment.



Barrie Seed (@vStorage) bought to my attention via Twitter that Dell also have a VIB repository which can be linked to VUM.

The URL is which validates correctly.

Dell VIB

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    1. I’m not sure with IBM. I believe they have Fix Central, if you have a login, it might be worthwhile checking this

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