Remove Datastore Call “HostStorageSystem.UnmountVmfsVolume” Error

I was making some changes to the lab the other day and kept getting a repeated error Call “HostStorageSystem.UnmountVmfsVolume” for object “storageSystem-15” on vCenter Server when I was trying to unmount a VMFS Datastore

Unmount Error 2

When I went to unmount the VMFS Datastore it met all the relevant criteria.

Unmount Error 1


If you are booting from flash device such as a USB or internal SD card, then a VMFS Datastore would have been selected to store your output logs for troubleshooting.

These need to be moved to a VMFS Datastore which you are going to keep.

Note: You will need to make these changes to each ESXi Host

Select ESXi Host > Configuration > Advanced Settings > Syslog >

Unmount Error 3

Change the paramters to a VMFS Datastore that will remain e.g.

[ESXi01_RAID10_L01_SAS] /scratch/log

Hit OK and then you will have success in unmounting your VMFS Datastore.

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