Changing vCenter IP Address: VUM Error Fix

After changing the vCenter IP Address, I ran into a a couple of issues with VUM.  Which generated the following error messages:

Plug-In Manager Plug-in is unavailable for the following server(s): – VMF-VC01.vmfocus.local

VUM Error 01

vSphere Client There was an error connecting to VMware vSphere Update Manager – [vmf-vc01:443].  The request failed because of a connection failure. (Unable to connect to the remote server).

VUM Error 02

Steps Taken To Resolve – DNS

The first step was to double check my DNS, I had already performed the tasks below after changing vCenter IP Address.

  • Removed reverse DNS zone for old vCenter subnet and added new reverse DNS zone for correct subnet
  • Updated DNS for ESXi Hosts & vCenter
  • Cleared DNS Cache on vCenter and Domain Controller

Steps Taken To Resolve – VMware KB

The next step was to make any amendments to VUM.  This consisted of the following:

  • Checked DSN to VUM database continued to work
  • Stopped vSphere Update manager Service
  • Followed the instructions under VMwareKB101322

Both of the original errors continued to persist, so the next step was to follow a KB for vSphere 4.1

  • Stopped vSphere Update manager Service
  • Followed the instructions under VMwareKB1014639

Again this did not resolve the issue, however it did mention a vCenter Update Manager Utility.


Lunch VMwareUpdateManagerUtility.exe which is located in C:Program Files (x86)VMwareInfrastructureUpdate Manager

VUM Fix 01

Connect to vCenter using the correct IP Address

VUM Fix 02

Select Re-register to vCenter Server and enter the new IP Address of vCenter and your credentials.  Click Apply

VUM Fix 03

Once complete, re-enable the VMware vSphere Update Manager Plug-In and you should receive the trusted Security Warning dialogue box. Which means vCenter and VUM can talk, everyone’s a winner!

VUM Working

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