PowerCLI Fails To Launch

I encountered a strange issue the other day after installing PowerCLI 5.0, as soon as I launched it, it closed.


Windows Event Logs for Windows PowerShell, Application and System, revealed erm nothing

Checking the properties of the PowerCLI Shortcut its is launched using the target from C:WindowsSystem32WindowsPowerShellv1.0powershell.exe -psc “C:Program FilesVMwareInfrastructurevSphere PowerCLIvim.psc1” -noe -c “. “C:Program FilesVMwareInfrastructurevSphere PowerCLIScriptsInitialize-PowerCLIEnvironment.ps1″”

and Starts in “C:Program FilesVMwareInfrastructurevSphere PowerCLI”


Trying to run the .ps1 from Powershell resulted in ‘the term’Initialize-PowerCLIEnvironment.ps1’ is not recognized as the term of a cmdlet.


Next, was to go into the Windows Folder C:Program FilesVMwareInfrastructurevSphere PowerCLI and right click Initialize-PowerCLIEnvironment.ps1 and Run with PowerShell


This time, I received the error message:

‘internal Windows PowerShell error com initialization failed while reading windows PowerShell console file with error 80010106’


Googling the issue, I came across this PowerShell forum post which suggested changing the ‘Number of recent items to display in Jump Lists to 10’


After making this change, I was able to launch PowerCLI!


3 thoughts on “PowerCLI Fails To Launch

  1. Thanks for this! Was having the same issue; and this fix resolved it for me too. Random is not even close!!!!

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