SRM & P4000 – Error: Failed To Promote Replica Devices

‘Error: Failed to promote replica devices. Failed to promote replica device ‘1266d2456f’ This means that for some reason SRM wasn’t able to promote your replica volume from Read to Read/Write which in P4000 terms is Remote to Primary volume. To be perfectly honest, I have tried many times to get this to work and for some reason it always fails on this step.  Strange really as when you perform a test failover on the same volume, it takes a snapshot of the Read (Remote) volume and promotes this to a Read/Write (Primary) without any issues.

So in this situation we are going to need to give SRM a hand.

Go into the CMC and expand your Management Groups and Clusters until you get this view.

We are going to Right Click DR_SATA_TEST01 and Select Failover/Failback Volume

Click Next and then Select ‘to fail over the primary volume, PR_SATA_TEST01, to this remote volume, DR_SATA_TEST01 and click Next

Good news that we haven’t got any iSCSI sessions in place, so we can click Next

Double check your provisioning is correct, and then click Finish

Awesome, we should now have the volume DR_SATA_TEST01 acting as a Primary Read/Write Volume, you can tell this as it should be in dark blue

I think we should try the Recovery again now, let’s hop back into SRM and click on Recovery.

Select the ‘I understand that this process will permanently alter the virtual machines and infrastructure of both the protected and recovery datacenters.’ tick box again and click Next and Start.

Hopefully you should see that SRM jumps straight to Step 8, Change Recovery Site Storage to Writeable and this time it has been a Success!

Boom, the man from Delmonte he say yes!

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