How To: Install & Configure Azure Site Recovery: Part 2

In the previous blog post, I covered an creating virtual networks and Azure vault followed by installing the Configuration Server.  Now we move onto the Master Target Server,

Back over to the Azure portal.  We now need to access Recovery Services > VMFocusVault > Deploy Master Target ServerAzure 15

Give your Master Target Server a name, select the OS, choose the size (I’m rolling with A4) and enter in your credentials. Next select your Configuration Server and give the Master Target Server an IP address.

Azure 16

Time for a cup of tea as it will take a while for the Master Target Server to be created.

Make sure you take note of the external IP address of our Master Target Server as we will need to RDP onto it in order to complete the configuration tasks.

The external IP can be found under Virtual Machines > Select VM > Dashboard Azure 17

Log onto your Master Target Server, the first thing you will see is a PowerShell script being executed, make sure to leave this running.

The Host Agent Config dialogue box will appear after a little while.  Enter in the IP Address of your Configuration Server, Port Number (443) if on the same subnet and the Passphrase.   Finally hit OK.

Azure 18

Rather than waiting for the connection to be established to the Configuration Server which can take sometime.  We can bypass this by clicking on Recovery Services > VMFocusVault > Servers > Refresh

Azure 19

If everything has gone correctly you should see the Master Target Server connected to your Configuration Server.

Azure 20

In the next blog post, we will move onto configuring the on-premises Process Server.

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